Evangelical Reformed Church of Russia
Богословие - Исповедание веры


Evangelical Reformed Church of Russia

- is a traditional Protestant Church and a successor to Apostolic Church, faith of the Reformation and the Reformed Churches that existed in the Russian Empire until 1917;
- confesses convictions, principles and ideals of classical European Calvinism, as set out in its symbolic books – Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of the Synod of Dort and the Westminster Confession of Faith (See our confessional documents);
- rejects the distortions of Protestantism which have spread in Enlightenment, liberal theology and new Pentecostalism;
- is a modern, growing Church that can meet the challenges of national and world history from the standpoint of biblical faith.

We are aware of the fact that common view in our society that Calvinism and prosperity theology are the same, and that supposedly piety serves to spoil (1 Tim.6.5) for the Bible believers – or a misunderstanding or slander. We adhere to different political positions, but categorically reject this anti-social lies that has nothing to do with Scriptures.
Giving our Church the name The Way, the Truth and the Life we have focused on the statement of Christ, claiming that He alone is the way, the truth, and life. This is a very strong statement saying that He absolutely will not tolerate compromise with false religion. He says that He alone is the only Mediator between God the Father and man. He says that any other way is false. He says that any so-called truth, but He is not the truth and falsehood. This statement, along with a clear indication of the Scriptures, Christ requires faith only in Him, and for people to repent of every wrong path and a lie that can compete with the righteousness of Christ and with the glory of God.


General Christian principles

We believe in the Trinity and the divine-human nature of Christ. "Each glorious person in the Godhead has a glorious part in our salvation. God the Father chose, sanctified, and set us apart in Christ before the world was; God the Son took our humanity into union to His personal Godhead, was made flesh, lived a perfect life, suffered and died a solemn death, rose again from the dead, and is now exalted at the right hand of the Father, ever living to make intercession for us; God the Spirit awakened the dead and "called us with a holy calling." This call is the solemn, soul-quickening, heart-rending call of the Holy God from death to life, from darkness to light, from the power of sin and Satan to the kingdom of the Son of His love. So that, before the world was, the church was saved purposely by God the Father; in time meritoriously by the God-man, Christ Jesus, who now lives above, their mediator, High Priest, and advocate; and in the day of God’s Power they are saved manifestly and vitally by the "washing of regeneration, and the renewing of the Holy Spirit." (William Gadsby, English Strict Baptist thinker of 19 c.)
We believe that the God-man Christ "in the work of mediation, acts according to both natures; by each nature doing that which is proper to itself; yet, by reason of the unity of the person, that which is proper to one nature is sometimes in Scripture attributed to the person denominated by the other nature." (WCF 8.7)
 We believe that the Jesus' sacrifice is offered not only to the Father, but by the whole Trinity, consubstantial and Indivisible.
We believe that Christ is perfect God-man, that is, in principle, is not capable of sin, and His sacrifice only satisfies the righteousness of God, and gives reason for the forgiveness of sin.
 We believe in the unity and uniqueness of the covenant and spiritual legacy of
Israel / Church. As the Law and the Gospel are gifts of the grace of God to Church, and the regeneration occurred in the Old Testament, as it occurs in the New, because it is impossible to save without regeneration at any time and under any circumstances.
 We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are continuously in the Church from Sinai to Pentecost, and from Pentecost to the present day, although they are not always visible to suggest the supernatural manifestations. The presence of the demonic counterfeits is not a sign of loss in the Church of true gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Protestant Principles

We believe in the uniqueness, inspiration, inerrancy, sufficiency and clarity of the Bible (Scripture), which must guide entirely in all aspects of Christian faith and life.
We believe in the imputation of Adam's sin to mankind perished, in the imputation of sin to elects to Christ and in the imputation of righteousness of Christ to elects by the free grace in act of justification.

Reformed Conceptions

 We believe in all five points of Calvinism: total depravity, unconditional election, limited (or particular) atonement, irresistible grace and perseverance of the saints.
We believe in salvation only by grace through faith, which as a whole, including faith, a gift from God. We believe that salvation is by grace through faith only in Christ is made entirely without any input from the sinner, which as such there is nothing that God would give grounds for his salvation.
 We believe that Christ offered His atoning sacrifice for all those whom He represents, just as in Adam all fell, whom he represented.
 We believe in an eternal covenant of God with the elected, which puts them in the same order of relationship with God that exists from eternity between persons of the Holy Trinity.
We believe that God has provided for the fall of Adam to the greater glory of the Atonement of Christ, and that the Cross is not a reaction to sin and evil; it is the original plan of God for His Son, who, before he became King of Universe, came to serve people and die for sinners. We believe that without this (so-called supralapsarian) position of the doctrine of divine sovereignty and grace does not make sense.
 We believe that the God's chosen are intended to be justified by Him from eternity, and God does not impute of sin, yet they suffer from its effects and share common human fault, not yet reborn.
 We believe that grace is the sole undeserved mercy of God to the saved.
We believe that the Gospel is the message for the Church as a Bride of Lord. Christ died for His elect, and we proclaim it to everyone who wants to listen. That is why Christian marriage indissoluble in the image of Christ's Testament. Any violence or manipulation of consciousness in the propagation of the Gospel is absolutely unacceptable. Only Christ can make a domestic call to salvation, for He is our Savior.
 We believe that faith is a gift from God. Therefore, we support freedom of conscience and religion  that wherever it does not violate the rights and dignity of man and citizen.
 We believe that salvation is possible only on the basis of biblical faith in the grace and the sovereign dominion of Christ. It is not associated with membership in a visible church or Christian denomination.
 We believe that the Law should be proclaimed both to non-believers and believers: to the unbelievers, that they felt their need of Christ and the Gospel, to the believers, that they will remain thankful to God for their faith and freedom in Christ, and could influence the society in the direction which promotes the good of the Church, for her head, the God-man Christ, is the sovereign ruler of the world and everything in it .
 We believe that the historical Jews do not fell away from Christ finally and will be restored to Him by preaching the true gospel.
We believe that the Antichrist, whoever he was, is not able to defeat the Church and by the time the return of Christ on earth there will be a Christian community, residing in the power of the Holy Spirit and worshipping the Lord according to His will. We believe also that at the end of the world the land will not be destroyed, but transformed.
We also believe that the Church is free from politics and that no religion can be entered or enforced as a state or universally valid.